Friday, March 23, 2007

Ex-Gay Hysteria


The video below was pulled by YouTube. I guess it was just too humiliating for the ex-gay movement.

Pam has the scoop at the Blend!
Ex-gay Randy Thomas torches ex-gay 'therapist' Richard Cohen

Yipes. Is there a catfight? After "conversion therapist" Richard Cohen's embarrassing, clownish appearance on The Daily Show demonstrating his techniques on how he frees men from homosexuality (the clip was yanked by YouTube, photos below from my post on it), Exodus International's Randy Thomas couldn't take it any more. He had to unload on Cohen for making the movement look bad.

OMG! This made me laugh so hard I almost blew coffee out my nose!

Wayne Besen featured on the daily show with a smackdown of "Certified sexual re-orientation coach" and author of "Coming Out Straight" Richard Cohen.

I wonder where one gets certified as a "sexual re-orientation coach" I would like to get certified so I can re-orient a couple of straight guys (namely Brad Pitt and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers).

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