Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Utah becoming the most anti-gay state?

Nigeria is under fire for proposing the most anti-gay laws in history.

“The proposal under debate in Nigeria's House of Representatives would outlaw not just gay marriages, but any form of association between gay people, social or otherwise, and publication of any materials deemed to promote a "same-sex amorous relationship."
Anyone attending a meeting between gay people, even two friends in a private house, could receive a sentence of five years under the act. Engaging in homosexual acts is already illegal in Nigeria, with those convicted facing jail terms in the south and execution in the north.”

Utah is ranking right up there with the Nigerians in their bigotry and hatred:

Utah priest drops mass for gays
A Roman Catholic priest in Utah plans to end a monthly Mass for gays and lesbians after drawing fire from conservative parishioners.

Sodomy remains illegal in Utah
for all but married opposite-sex couples even though the Supreme Court struck down similar laws in 2003.

Utah Senate Passes Tough Anti-Gay-Marriage Bill
The Utah Senate Thursday night passed without discussion tough new legislation banning same-sex marriage and civil unions.

Utah Passes Bill To Curb Gay-Straight Student Clubs
Legislation that would allow Utah schools to ban LGBT student clubs is on its way to Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. for his signature.

Similar to the Nigerian leadership, the legislators in Utah are certainly against any association, sexual relationships, religious ceremonies and marriage of gays and lesbians! The only difference between Utah and Nigeria is the sentence for breaking the law is not execution... at least not yet.

On a positive note there is a thriving and resilient gay community that is fighting with every ounce of energy they have. Q Saltlake is the regional gay newspaper although it has a very brief local section it is still inspirational to know that gays will persevere regardless of the homophobes and bigots in power.