Thursday, April 05, 2007

Who me? Doing Yoga?

I certainly never thought I would. Especially after I got kicked out of Yoga class in the mid 90's and ordered never to return. My friend convinced me that we should start attending a yoga class. OK, fine, I am willing to try anything. I had visions of a bone thin old man with white hair wearing diapers tying himself into pretzel knots. When we arrived at the yoga studio my vision was pretty much accurate except he had black hair.

We did some warm up poses and then the instructor folded himself up like a lawn chair and instructed us to do the same. I quickly jabbed the lady next to me in the ribs and said "Hey look! The guy in the diapers can kiss his own ass!!!" then I started guffawing. I was quickly ushered out of the studio with strict instructions never to return.

Fast forward to December of 2006 when another friend asked me to join her at a new yoga studio in the Garland district. I told her I had a bad experience with yoga a long time ago but I would think about it.

In January, I started a work out regime since, as Bridget Jones would say, my "wiggly bits" were showing. I decided it was time to shape up and tone up. I did a little checking into the benefits of yoga and discovered that shaping and toning plus flexibility are some of the many benefits. The list of benefits for doing yoga is surprisingly long, many people attend for many reasons from mind-body spirituality to just getting a really firm butt and tightening up those "wiggly bits".

Well, after a little research and the constant bullying from my friend, I finally succumbed and began attending the classes.

I joined my friend at Yoga Motion with some trepidation as I flashed back to those visions of the old diaper wearing man who was so mean that he kicked me out of class. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the instructor was a perky young blond wearing sweat pants and a tank top! Cassie, the owner and proprietor of Yoga Motion put the class through the paces.

I have to admit, I broke a sweat and my thighs and buns were screaming at me (I wasn't about to let Cassie know that!) After my second class my thighs and buns weren't speaking to me at all, just trembling in fear.

Being a beginning yoga student this experience was much different from the fateful "diaper dude" incident of the 90's. Cassie talked the class through each of the poses with such clarity that I could keep my eyes closed (the mirrors reminded my why I was there, wiggly bits and all) and still be successful in achieving the poses.

Yoga always sounded like some kind of weird cult to me, however, since starting yoga I can already feel my "wiggly bits" firming up and even the hubby noticed! I think he is getting as much enjoyment of my doing yoga as I am.(*evil grin*) One of the side benefits that I did not even consider is that persistent tension between my shoulder blades has disappeared. I find that I am using the relaxation techniques almost daily now as my stress with the job and the 12 credits I am taking pile up right in that sweet spot between the shoulder blade and the spine.

I am now a fan of yoga! I highly recommend it if you need to alleviate some of the tension that your body has stored up, want to firm up your "wiggly bits" or just need to take an hour of relaxing downtime for yourself. Winter is over now, summer is just around the corner and I am determined to see my abs again, but, like many people I have to get rid of that nice comfy covering of fat first.

Yoga Motion is very much a gay friendly establishment, all are welcome there. It is at 603 W. Garland, phone 327.0470 and, if you decide to go, you might see your favorite blogger "striking a pose" on Monday's and Wednesday's! Tell Cassie that JJ sent ya!