Monday, January 29, 2007

How much does bigotry cost?

Apparently $410,000 in Massachusetts. That is what it cost the MA wingnuts to get a anti-marriage amendment on the legislative agenda. The anti-gay amendment has to pass one more round of votes in the legislature in order to be put to voters who will, by their vote, determine the civil rights of tens of thousand American citizens.

From 7 News Boston:
A campaign finance report filed last week with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance shows spent more than $389,000 last year, including money raised the previous year.

It also used in-kind donations worth more than $60,700 in legal fees and staff time from the Massachusetts Family Institute, which helped form to raise money for the ballot question.

Now what does it cost to fight the bigots?’s campaign director, Marc Solomon, said the group formed to fight the ballot question spent $1 million lobbying against the amendment last year.

And apparently that is not enough to retain an Americans' civil rights when pitted against the passion of religious fundamentalism, hatred and bigotry.

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