Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blog I like

As Good As You is one of my favorite reads! Primarily because of posts like this one:

'Concerned Women' not concerned enough with hate crime facts
And since we apparently have CWA's attention, let us now point out the holes in Mr. Barber's logic.

>> "If it becomes law, it can easily be misapplied and used as a hammer against free speech"

-- How, Matt? In order for the hate crimes penalty prescribed in the bill to be enacted, a crime of some sort has to first be committed! We are not talking about whether or not hate speech should be protected as free speech, as it currently is in this country. That is an entirely separate debate and the criminalization of hate speech would be an entirely different bill (one, we might add, that we would likely not support). But what H.R. 254 addresses is the punishment given to those who commit a physical crime that's deliberately targeted towards a person's race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

I love it when the facts and logic can so handily destroy the wingnuts arguments. The sad part is that the people who are listening to the CWA and the Matt Barbers of the land don't actually believe the facts, they are moved by emotion which trumps facts, figures and logic any day. It is still a wonderful post, it is awesome to see that some of us out there are looking at what these wingnuts are saying and applying some basic critical thinking techniques to their statements.

See the entire posting for the rest of the lovely evisceration of Matt Barber...

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