Wednesday, January 24, 2007

AFA panties in a wad

I think the American Family Association and Don "wild man" Wildmon spend way too much time watching television. They are calling to expand their failed "Boycott Ford Campaign" because a Ford commercial aired during and episode of the new FX series "Dirt".

The scene described as "graphic and offensive" was posted at You Tube by the AFA!

There is no explicit sex, no skin showing, just a good illusion that the actors are involved in a racy encounter.

CAUTION: The rating for this episode was "M" for mature content; viewer discretion advised.

I think it is really funny to note that the AFA are the ones who put this You Tube clip up for everyone to watch over and over again and it has had over 39,000 hits and 36 people have added it to their favorites (presumable so they can watch it over and over and over).

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