Tuesday, November 14, 2006

S. Africa gets it

Well it looks like South Africa has now legalized same sex marriage! Hooray! From appartheid to marriage equality in less than 50 years!

South Africa approves gay marriage bill
CAPE TOWN (AFP) - South Africa has become the first country on the continent to legalise marriage for gay and lesbian couples when lawmakers gave their final approval to controversial legislation.

A total of 230 lawmakers voted for the civil union bill after a stormy debate at the parliament in Cape Town while another 41 opposed the measure. There were three abstentions Tuesday.

Did you catch that last part? It was approved by 230 to 41!

On the marriage equality radar here in the states:

California Supreme Court Asked To Rule On Gay Marriage

The California Supreme Court was asked Monday to overturn a lower court ruling that upheld the state's ban on same-sex marriage but if the court decides to hear the case it will do so without the lead litigants.

Lancy Woo and Cristy Chung lead plaintiffs in the omnibus case have split up and are no longer involved.

They were among 8,000 gay and lesbian couples married in San Francisco in 2004 before the state Supreme Court halted the march to the altar and became a poster couple for equal marriage rights.

And then there is NJ:

Gay Marriage Issue Resurfaces in N.J. Legislature

The focus of the gay-marriage debate shifts to Trenton, N.J., where a state Supreme Court ruling declared that gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples. It is now up to state legislators to decide what form those rights will take. They could opt for Vermont-style civil unions or approve gay marriage.

Gay-rights groups are holding meetings all over New Jersey to organize an army of lobbyists, enough for all 40 of the state's legislative districts.

The tide is turning in our favor. The world is making progress toward marriage equality! It will take time but I, for one, can envision a future where I will be able to marry the person that I love!

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