Thursday, September 14, 2006

Phelps Clan creating unintended Gay allies?

The Fred Phelps clan of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) are creating gay allies by their continued protesting of soldiers funerals. The cult of the WBC are steadily, and unwittingly, aligning our fight for equality with the conflict in Iraq by claiming that soldiers are killed because God hates fags. Personally the logical connection between the two escapes me but I have to say "Way to go Fred"! By being out there, exploiting the tragedy of Iraq casualties people are getting really pissed off at him and his message of hatred.

(photos courtesy of the vile "godhatesfags" website)

From USA Today:

Funeral protesters say laws can't silence them
Laws passed by Congress and 29 states to prevent Fred Phelps and his congregation from disrupting military funerals have not ended their protests or silenced their anti-gay message.

[snip]His voice rises, though, when he explains why he feels no empathy for mourners at military funerals. "What I'm sorry about," he says, "is that they raised their children for the devil in hell. ... I'm saying to those people, 'If your boy, your dead soldier son, could come back to earth and talk to you, what he would tell you is, listen to Phelps.' "

Honestly, is there a rational person out there who actually believes this guy? Not the parents of soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq! (emphasis mine)

Linda Morrison had been warned that Phelps' followers would protest at the memorial service in December for her son, a medic killed in Iraq. She was outraged when the small group showed up with signs reading "America is Doomed" and chanting "God hates fags."

"I was furious at the things they were saying," says Morrison, whose son, Army Staff Sgt. Gary Harper of Virden, Ill., died when Iraqi insurgents ambushed his unit. "I had more pity for them than anything, that they could actually believe anything like that."

Gay or straight our soldiers and veterans deserve the utmost respect in life and in death - whether you believe the war in Iraq is illegal and based on lies or not. It is inexcusable for these hate-mongers to exploit the deaths of soldiers to spew their message.

This brings us to the important point. When someone is screeching "God hates fags" at the top of their lungs with spittle spraying from their paper thin lips the rational response from a grieving mother is "I had more pity for them than anything, that they could actually believe anything like that."

Enough said.